last week wrap up

January 26th, 2010

On wednesday, I went to the SAGES meeting. SAGES is sustainability advisory group for environmental stewardship.  There is several issue that talked about. For example, the Climate Action Plan will be put online to get feedback from all of the member. Since that meeting was in the beginning of the semester, there was only one student representative. That was me 😀

On thursday, the class begin. We just discussed the possible time to have class weekly. We decided to have class on MWF 9-10 am for Electrodynamics.

In the afternoon, we had first Physics Colloqium , and that was the first in this decade as well 😀 The talk is pretty interesting. The yale professor explained his work related to the nanocurrent. This current is not supercurrent like in the superconductor. This is just quantum world representation. Because in the low temperature limit, the heat and friction that dominant in the classical limit, will goes way.

spring 2010, kick off now

January 18th, 2010

Ok, officially the spring semester will begin on thursday, 21th. But, my research doesnt have exact time when we have to start or stop.

this spring semester, I am going to take 1 credit of Electrodynamics and half credit of advanced topic of atomic and molecular physics. Electrodynamics is new subject that I will learn. back to my undergraduate years, only the particle and nuclear physics student had to take this course. But, here as part of the requirement by department, all physics grad student must take this beautiful course hehehe….

And my research progress is………..

we still in the dark age of find the discrepancy of quality factor and amplitude of third sound resonance between theory and experiment. Currently, we are in the middle of investigation of electronic connection.  Any open circuit will contribute to our problem in term of shifting the resonance frequency and the amplitude.

ok, spring 2010, here I come…

Low Temperature 25 Conference

December 24th, 2008

On Summer 2008, me and my supervisor attended the International Conference that held in Asmterdam, Netherland. The tittle is Low Temperature 25th Conference.  It was starting from August 6th till August 13th. It’s so very wonderful experience for me since in this conference we can meet a lot of low temperature scientists from around the world and at least 3 generations. And, the most important thing is, we celebrated the 100th year of the liquified Helium by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. So, we had one day excursion in Leiden.

At that conference, I presented poster about my research. The tittle is Surface excitations and partial entropy of third sound in 4He. Its theoretical calculation about contribution of surface excitation in the thermomechanical effect in the third sound 4He. My Professor presented another paper that tell about effect of point contact on the third sound resonator.

The excursion was so awesome. I went to the Onnes lab and the Museum where his apparatus to liquified helium is preserved. During the conference, there was fun session brought by students. They had some experiments in low temperature. For example, I was levitated by giant superconductor.

Amsterdam and Leiden are very beautiful city, a lot of historical places there.

Hopefully someday, I will come to the next Low Temperature conference.

Stay Cool 🙂

Clean the clean room

March 14th, 2008

One of the problem getting good signal of third sound is about dirt that bridge the gap of the capacitor. So, we decided to get information about dirt collection rate inside clean room. we also clean our clean room.

We have several problems in the clean room and we try to solve them.

First, there are too many stuff inside clean room. Some of them are not part of our experiment. So, we throw all those stuff that we dont need.

Second, there is hole in the clean room. Air from outside the clean room can flow in. This air may bring dust/dirt. We plug this hole with the tip.

Third, the filter of the blower has a lot of dust. So, there is not much air flow that bring dust/dirt to the floor. So, we clean the filter.